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The DKE SDCC exclusive Phantom Starkiller from Killerbootlegs

SDCC 13 Exclusive Phantom Starkiller Bootleg Resin Figure by Killer Bootlegs

DKE Toys SDCC Release Phantom Starkiller: The Cosmic Ghoul Warrior by Killer Bootlegs!

DKE Toys SDCC 2013 exclusive "Phantom Starkiller: The Cosmic Ghoul Warrior" by Killer Bootlegs!

The ‘Smoked Out Phantom’ from Killer Bootlegs

Killer Bootlegs Has A Smoked Out Phantom

Killer Bootlegs's "Man Inside The Mask"… Boba Fett Unmasked Re-released!

‘Rax the Terrible’ custom M.U.S.C.L.E from Killer Bootlegs

‘Sunburst Dave’ from Killer Bootlegs x The Mark Ultra

The Deluxe Rankin Bass ‘Gollum’ from HamFX x Killer Bootlegs

Whats next for Killer Bootlegs

MY PRECIOUS!!!!! Killer Bootlegs X HamFx "Rankin Bass" Gollum resin figure release!!!

Killer Bootlegs’ Killer ToyCon UK Exclusive Star Wars Bootleg Resin Figures!

The Tru:Tek x Killer Bootlegs ‘Joba the Hurt: Star Flaws Edition’ H.U.S.T.L.E for the Toys Are Us group show

‘Killer DieBia$e’ customs from Goodleg Toys x Killer Bootlegs

Killer Bootlegs's "The Creature from the Black Squadron" figures for ToyConUK!

The ‘Creature from the Black Squadron’ ToyCon exclusive from Killer Bootlegs

Killer Bootlegs x Monster Kolor x Rockford Art Deli's "Toys Are Us" Show!

Free Goodie Friday 3/08/13 on - Win a color changing resin figure from Killer Bootlegs!

Killer Bootlegs’ Creature from the Black Squadron